Yoga 4 Kids

Yoga Techniques for Mental and Physical Health and Agility – How Yoga can be utilised to enhance the Primary School Curriculum.

Our innovative Yoga course allows participants to discover the essence of yoga philosophy and techniques and prepares them to make it part of their own lives and the lives of their students.

Participants will engage in and experience guided yoga practices, prepare to integrate all aspects of yoga into their SPHE and P.E. lessons, and acquire some wonderful child friendly yoga breathing techniques and exercises to explore in the classroom.

Participants will acquire a set of positive, empowering skills and techniques to integrate yoga practices in their everyday lives. Subsequently, the pupils will also be introduced to the benefits of yoga, meditation and mindful breathing techniques in the classroom. This course offers a range of ideas, concepts and suggestions for practical use in the classroom.

Teacher: Shehar B, Niamh Ni

Web Design in the Classroom

In this introductory course to web design you will learn about the tools that will will enable your classroom to get online. You will learn about CMS’s, domain names, hosting, pages, posts, themes, plug-ins and a ton of other stuff to get you online. Key attention will be paid to how a class website can foster participation among students & faculty.