Course Access begins 1st July, 2024 9am.

How many hours do I have to complete?

All participants must complete 10 active hours online and 10 hours offline (research purposes) for any given course. DES requires that you spend 10 hours online, as well as 10 hours offline in your own time,  in order to be awarded a certificate.

What do I have to do when enrolled on a course?

  • Complete 10 active hours online and 10 hours offline (research purposes).
  • At the end of each module there is an activity for you to complete. 
  • Reply to all forum discussions (2-3 forum discussions per module). If the course in question has 2 forum questions, you are required to answer both. You must contribute to two discussions. If it has three, you are required to contribute to 2 out of the 3.
  • Once you have completed these requirements, you may proceed to the next module.
  • Complete a final assignment (minimum 500 words):

 Reflect on and discuss how course material could be used both in a personal and professional capacity. Please include learnings and new ideas acquired from at least 3 modules that might be useful to support your teaching in the coming school year.

  • All of the above requirements must be completed by 5pm 16th August 2024

How is the time I have spent online studying the course tracked?

The time tracking system operates in 20 minute segments, and records every single key/mouse stroke you make. So, you need to be moving through the course in order for the time to register. All the chapters should not take longer than 20 minutes to read before you move on to the next one, or click back to the previous one. 

However, if you happen to login, read the first chapter, then walk away for 30 minutes or an hour, the system assumes you are not participating in the course and thus stops clocking your time.

Time spent on external sites is NOT recorded as part of your dedication time, so don't leave our site for longer than 20 minutes in order for your time to accrue.

Once you  have reached your 10 hours, your tutor will review your other submissions and then grade your course.

How do I check my time?

On the right-hand side of your course content, you will see a Block called ‘Course Dedication’.

This displays the amount of time you have been actively participating in the course. The server updates your time every few hours or more, the 'Last Updated' time indicates when it was last updated. Remember, you must actively be moving through the course in 20 minute segments in order for your time to register. Time spent on external sites or typing in Word is not recorded.

Do I need to submit hours spent offline to EPV Days?

You don’t need to submit your offline hours to us. You should document them, keep hold of them, just in case an inspector might contact you.

Is time spent watching videos/presentations counted?

When you are watching the videos that time is recorded, as it starts when you click on the video, then when you move to the next section the system knows you are still active. You MUST move to the next section in order for your time to be recorded.

Is time spent writing in Microsoft Word counted?

No. If you decide to write your final assignment in MS Word, this time is not recorded in the system. It is good practice to keep the course active by clicking somewhere within the course every 20 minutes, so if you do this while also working in MS Word, your time will be recorded.

Where is my Certificate and when will I get it?

Certificates are issued on Fridays and will be sent directly to the email address used to enrol on the course. If you have not received your certificate, it is due to one of the following:

  • You have not completed 10 hours online
  • You have not contributed sufficiently to the forum discussions. You must contribute to each module’s forums at least twice, with a minimum of 100 words per contribution.
  • You have not submitted your final assignment of at least 500 words.

Can I do two courses concurrently?

No. All courses must be completed consecutively. If you start a course, you must finish it before you commence a new course.

What do I need to be able to register to complete a course?

 You will need to register your full name and Teaching Council Number.

When do the courses run?

Our courses run from 1st July until 16th of August. All forum posts, assignment submissions and time completed must be completed by participants by 5pm on 16th August 2024.

How do I present the final assignment for my course?

The Course Assignment must be presented to the e-tutor in electronic format, either in the text field provided or as a Word document. It is a reflective learning journal, outlining the concepts and techniques you have acquired. It is designed to encourage participants to reflect and discuss how course material could be used both in a personal and professional capacity.

What is the deadline for course completion?

All forum discussions, time spent online and offline as well as the final assignment must be completed by 16th August 2024.

I am receiving emails notifying me of other participants’ forum responses, should this be happening?

In your forum welcome email, there should be a link that says, ‘Unsubscribe from this Forum’ or ‘Unsubscribe from this discussion’. When you post to the forum discussion, the default setting is to subscribe to that forum discussion. Participants can easily unsubscribe if you wish.

What happens when I have completed my hours online and all elements of the online course?

Once you have completed your online hours, your tutor will check through your course to make sure you have contributed to the forums and review your Final assignment. On the Friday of each week, certificates will be issued to those who earned them that week. Depending on the volume of that weeks submissions, some certificates may go out over the weekend.

I have enrolled for two or more courses, do I have to receive my certificate for the first course before beginning the next one?

Once you’ve completed the 10 hours, and all your forum discussions & the final assignment, you are free to move on to your second course.

When is support available to me as a participant?

Our tech team is available for contact and will respond to all emails and queries between 9am and 5pm, Monday – Friday. Our phone lines operate from 10am to 4pm, Monday to Friday.

Impersonation and plagiarism?

If a participant is suspected of either Plagiarism, Impersonation or manipulating the time tracking system, the course tutor will inform the Course Director, who in turn will investigate the matter and will pass on the details to DES. If found guilty, participants will not be issued Certificates or refunds for those courses and the DES will be informed.